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    The Danley™ BarGuard™ reduces the chance of cuts and abrasions from exposed reinforcing bars up to 36mm in diameter. They are also able to fit over star pickets and most stakes on safety barriers.

    BarGuard™ is designed with unique internal fins which ensure sufficient engagement on either star pickets or reinforcing bar. The internal fins prevent the BarGuard™ from being easily dislodged when installed throughout the construction site.
    However, they are not designed for high load vertical impacts, such as someone falling from a height.



    • High visibility yellow design.
    • To suit 12-36mm nominal diameter bars and star pickets.
    • Internal ribs within sleeve to hold cap centrally on bar.
    • Re-usable and economical.
    • Scratch guard.
    • Easily transportable and require little storage space.
    • Easy to install.
    • Available off the shelf in bags of 100 units.


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    Danley Product Catalogue ANZ Product CataloguesOur Danley™ product range is specifically developed to solve problems faced by the industry in the design and construction of concrete flooring applications.

    Danley™ Slab-on-Ground Industrial, Residential, and Pavement Systems have a trusted history spanning over 25 years.