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    As an alternative to saw cutting, place Crack-A-Joint™ into the wet concrete along the joint line (above the centre of the dowel cradle), to induce a crack to the full depth of the concrete. Crack-A-Joint™ is available in standard 3m lengths formed from GALVABOND® galvanised sheet steel to a height of 25mm. It can be supplied as a plain joint, or fitted with a permanent Rip-A-Strip™ capping in two different colours options: Black or Grey.
    Danley™ Crack-A-Joint™ complies with the requirements of AS 3727.1:2016 Residential Pavements.


    Note: Danley™ Crack-A-Joint™ is not suitable for use in pavements in highly corrosive environments including (but not limited to):

    • Chlorinated or salt-water swimming pools 
    • Outdoor spas
    • Coastal or Marine environments
    • Rural and/or farming applications exposed to high levels of nitrates (including fertilizer)
    • Pavements exposed to diesel fuels  
    • Waste Water Treatment plants

    For further information relating to Crack-A-Joint™ please contact your local ramsetreid representative.


    • Complies with the requirements of AS 3727.1:2016 Residential Pavements.
    • Immediately initiates a contraction joint in the slab when placed in freshly poured wet concrete.
    • Finish the slab the same day. There is no need to return the next day for saw-cutting.
    • Crack-A-Joint™ will butt up to any given edge, including columns.
    • Crack-A-Joint™ can be placed quickly, with precision.
    • During installation, the Crack-A-Joint™ profiles remain rigid.
    • Clean and quick: Crack-A-Joint™ gives the building industry an efficient alternative to traditional methods.
    • Compatible with UV stabilised Rip-A-Strip™ capping, which is available in 2 colours: Black or Grey.
    • Crack-A-Joint™ can also be setup on stakes to provide a pour through joint during concrete placement.
    • No fill required: The steel edge of the Crack-A-Joint™ profile acts as a support for the edge of the concrete and stops unsightly fraying and spalling.
    • Crack-A-Joint™ is roll formed from a pre-galvanised GALVABOND® strip.
    • Available in 25mm size only.
    • Supplied as standard in 3 metre lengths.


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