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    Dowelmaster™ sleeves are multi-directional plastic sleeves suitable for high capacity square dowels. They allow for contraction at the joint, as well as having a small amount of lateral movement and expansion capacity. They are ideal for construction joints in ground slabs and are available in 16mm, 20mm and 25mm standard sizes. The 16mm and 20mm Dowelmaster™ sleeves nail to wooden form boards (with optional nailing plate) or attach directly to Danley Keyjoint. The sleeves are supported at the rear by a stake and wedge system eliminating the need for bar chairs.

    The 25mm Dowelmaster™ sleeves have a built in nailing flange. They have a separate extension length which can be purchased to allow the sleeve to suit longer dowel lengths.

    • Available for 16mm, 20mm and 25mm square dowels.
    • 16mm Sleeve suits 400mm dowel length.
    • 20mm and 25mm suits 500mm dowel length.
    • Prevents slab lock-up.
    • Sleeves provide both lateral movement and expansion capacity.
    • Simple to install.
    • No need to drill forms to support dowels during the concrete pour.
    • Separate nailing plate for wooden form boards sold separately.
    • Supplied with fixing stake and wedge for rear support.
    • Compatible with Danley Keyjoint, attach directly in 16mm and 20mm sizes.
    • An extension for the 25mm Dowelmaster™ which allows it to suit longer dowels can be purchased separately.
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    Danley Dowelmaster Sleeves Product Guide ANZ Product GuidesDanley Dowelmaster Sleeves Product Guide ANZ
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    Dowelmaster 25 mm Section.dwg AutoCAD. DWG files
    Dowelmaster 25 mm Section.pdf Specification Drawings
    Dowelmaster Section.pdf Specification Drawings
    Dowelmaster Section.dwg AutoCAD. DWG files
    Expanda Joint With Dowelmaster Section.pdf Specification Drawings
    Expanda Joint With Dowelmaster Section.dwg AutoCAD. DWG files
    Keyjoint with Dowelmaster Section.pdf Specification Drawings
    Keyjoint with Dowelmaster Section.dwg AutoCAD. DWG files

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