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    Dowelsert™ is designed to be used with round dowels to eliminate the need for drilling formwork and greasing dowels. Dowelsert™ minimises vertical movement at joints, reducing damage and is quick and easy to use. The Dowelsert™ provides expansion capacity of up 10mm and is suitable for use with black, galvanised or stainless steel friction cut round dowels.
    They are ideal for construction joints in ground slabs and are available in 16mm and 20mm standard sizes. The Dowelsert™ is easily nailed to wooden formwork, or screwed to metal forms utilising its in-built flanged nailing plate.



    • Made from high-density black Polypropylene.
    • Available in two sizes:
      > 16mm diameter
      > 20mm diameter
    • 16mm allows 1.3mm lateral movement either side
    • 20mm allows 1.5mm lateral movement either side
    • Suitable for metal and timber forms.
    • No need for grease or other de-bonding agents.
    • Transfers load from adjacent slabs across a joint.
    • Reduces the possibility of stepping at joints.
    • Allows lateral movement of slabs without inducing cracking.
    • Provides expansion capacity up to 10mm.
    • No need to drill through formwork to position dowels.
    • Easy to remove formwork from construction joint as there are no protruding dowels.
    • Ensures joints won’t freeze due to misaligned dowels.
    • No need to rotate or remove bars to help reduce bonding to the concrete.
    • Results in a quality finish to the exposed face of the slab.
    • Easy and quick to use.


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