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    Hyper ArmourMate™ is the premium armour edging solution and is suited to applications where the wear surface must withstand materials handling equipment (MHE) traffic with small hard-wheels carrying high-loads on a daily basis, in particular semi-automated and automated materials handling environments. The Hyper ArmourMate™ system is manufactured from high-quality, Cold drawn steel rails to provide superior impact protection. Hyper ArmourMate™ is supplied in standard 3 metre lengths.

    Use the Hyper ArmourMate™ system when the floor requires the best protection performance over the longest possible lifecycle. Hyper ArmourMate™ systems are designed to provide the total joint system solution by incorporating 3 systems in the one solution:

    • The Hyper ArmourMate™ steel rails provide armour edging.
    • The Diamond™ Dowel as the load transfer system.
    • The galvanised separation plate as the sacrificial formwork which replaces traditional form board.

    Hyper ArmourMate™ is available in standard sizes or made to customer specification. 


    Hyper ArmourMate™ Expanda™ is supplied pre-fitted with 10mm Expansion Foam which provides for the thermal expansion of concrete. Hyper ArmourMate™ Expanda™ is available in standard sizes and is available on a made-to-order basis. 


    Hyper Top Rail Systems are available on a made-to-order basis in:

    • Black
    • Galvanised
    • Stainless Steel 

    Conditions apply. For more information, contact the Danley™ Customer Service Team. 


    • Hyper ArmourMate™ is supplied in standard 3 metre lengths.
    • Rails manufactured from high-quality, precision cold drawn steel.
    • Solid flat bar rail 40mm x 10mm.
    • Flatness Tolerance = ±0.5 mm/600mm  (±1.0 mm per 3m length).
    • Patented Diamond™ Dowel.
    • Patented Twist-n-Turn stake bracket system.
    • Patented Nailing Bracket for top rail installations on timber formwork available.
    • All Dowel systems are Grade 300.
    • Galvanised formwork plate on all systems.


    • Reduces labour associated with processing timber formboards.
    • Reduces risk by eliminating hot-work on site.
    • Provides deflection and load transfer control.


    File Type File Description
    Danley Product Catalogue ANZ Product CataloguesOur Danley™ product range is specifically developed to solve problems faced by the industry in the design and construction of concrete flooring applications.
    Danley Hyper ArmourMate Product Guide ANZ Product GuidesDanley Hyper ArmourMate™ Product Guide
    Danley Stego Product Guide AUS 2024 Product GuidesProvides an overview of the Stego Vapour Mitigation solutions available in Australia, Technical Data and guidelines for the correct specification and use of Stego technologies.
    Danley Hyper ArmourMate 20mm TDS Product Data SheetsHyper ArmourMate™ 20 provides armour edging for high-load slabs 250mm to 300mm in depth.
    Danley Diamond Dowel 20mm TDS Product Data SheetsDiamond Dowel 20mm Plate Dowel & Sleeve
    Danley ArmourMate Top Rail System Stainless Steel TDS Product Data SheetsThe Hyper ArmourMate™ Stainless Steel Top Rail System is used in both internal and external applications where an aesthetic finish is required, or subject to corrosive environment
    File Type File Description
    DAN-DWG-016 - Hyper ArmourMate Sectional Views (FJS) AutoCAD. DWG filesHyper ArmourMate Sectional Views (FJS) DWG
    DAN-DWG-016 - Hyper ArmourMate Sectional Views (FJS) Specification DrawingsHyper ArmourMate Sectional Views (FJS) Drawing
    DAN-DWG-017 - Hyper ArmourMate Sectional Views (Top Rail Only) AutoCAD. DWG filesHyper ArmourMate Sectional Views (Top Rail Only) DWG
    DAN-DWG-017 - Hyper ArmourMate Sectional Views (Top Rail Only) Specification DrawingsHyper ArmourMate Sectional Views (Top Rail Only) Drawing
    DAN-DWG-018 - Hyper ArmourMate 4-Way Intersection AutoCAD. DWG filesHyper ArmourMate 4-Way Intersection
    DAN-DWG-018 - Hyper ArmourMate 4-Way Intersection Specification DrawingsHyper ArmourMate 4-Way Intersection drawing
    DAN-DWG-019 - Hyper ArmourMate Intersections AutoCAD. DWG filesHyper ArmourMate Intersections DWG
    DAN-DWG-019 - Hyper ArmourMate Intersections Specification DrawingsDAN-DWG-019 - Intersections Drawings
    DAN-DWG-020 - Hyper ArmourMate Connections AutoCAD. DWG filesHyper ArmourMate Connections DWG
    DAN-DWG-020 - Hyper ArmourMate Connections Specification DrawingsHyper ArmourMate Connections Drawing
    Danley™ Hyper ArmourMate Expanda™ TDS Product Data SheetsHyper ArmourMate FJS with 10mm Expansion Foam.
    Hyper Xtend™ Tech Data Sheet_June 2020 Product Data SheetsDanley™ Hyper Xtend™ is used for the repair of joints in aged slabs, or extending existing concrete elements to newly poured sections.
    Hyper ArmourMate Double Top Rail Only Section.pdf Specification Drawings
    Hyper ArmourMate™ (Full Joint With Stakes) Section.pdf Specification Drawings
    Hyper ArmourMate Double Top Rail Only Isometric.dwg AutoCAD. DWG files

    Danley™ Slab-on-Ground Industrial, Residential, and Pavement Systems have a trusted history spanning over 25 years.