Plate 85 ArmourMate™

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    Plate 85 ArmourMate™ is designed to be installed at the construction joints in heavy duty slab applications where large shrinkage joints are expected to occur. The plate that bridges over the gap provides a smooth ride for traffic travelling over the joint, minimising wheel damage and impacts and allows for up to 85mm expansion in the joints. Plate 85 ArmourMate™ is supplied in standard 2.25 metre lengths.


    Plate 85 ArmourMate™ is a cover plate type armour edging solution and is designed for applications where the wear surface must withstand materials handling traffic with small hard wheels carrying high-loads on a daily basis, in particular semi-automated and automated materials handling environments.


    Plate 85 ArmourMate™ systems are designed to provide the total joint system solution by incorporating 3 systems in the one solution:


    1. The Plate 85 ArmourMate™ steel angles and plates provide armour edging.

    2. The Square Dowel and Flanged Dowel Box provide load transfer.

    3. The galvanised separation plate as the sacrificial formwork, which replaces traditional form board. Plate 85 ArmourMate™ is made to order.


    • Used with high capacity, Grade 300 square dowels and Flanged Dowel Boxes.
    • Available in standards 2.25 metre lengths.
    • Shear Studs have the highest material tolerance comparable to rails, tested at 34 kN breaking strain, shears at shank.
    • The cover plate covers the joint gap between slabs preventing debris from filling the joint gap.
    • Patented Twist-n-Lock stake bracket system for easy setup.
    • Intersections and infills available by request.


    • Expands large post-tension slab joint gap widths of up to 85mm.
    • Incorporates the joint cover, edge protection, load transfer and formwork in a single system.
    • Smooth wheel transition over larger gap openings.
    • The cover plate remains supported either side of the gap once the joint has opened.
    • Optional: Can be manufactured to match onsite PT specifications. (Conditions apply).
    • Galvanised formwork plate on all systems.
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    Danley Plate 85 ArmourMate Product Guide ANZ Product GuidesDanley Plate 85 ArmourMate Product Guide ANZ
    Plate 85 ArmourMate™ TDS Product Data SheetsPlate 85 ArmourMate™ is designed to be installed at the construction joints in Post Tension slab applications or where large shrinkage joints are expected to occur.

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